Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Stiff but rode

After another Monday of feeling crappy (we did go from -10 to +8 in a 48 hour period) I did go out tonight and got a short ride in.  I was stiff but good old Oscar just kept plugging along for me even though I'm sure it wasn't always the easiest for him when I'm blocking him with just about every part of my body.  He did pin his ears once or twice when I forgot to keep my body loose but other than that he was very good. 

Not much to report other than that, new boots are breaking in good, RA is manageable and other than being tired, and my stupid ankle, I'm doing ok.  I do have an appointment next week with a brace person in the city to look at getting me a new brace or two for my ankle so I'm hopeful that that will help.  That's the only joint that bothers me on a regular basis.

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